GH Firebirds

In 2012, I got really, really lucky. I submitted my manuscript to Romance Writers of America’s annual unpublished contest, the Golden Heart. And my manuscript, Never Deal with Dragons, was selected as a finalist for the Paranormal category. The recognition gained from this contest helped me land a literary agent, a publishing house, and a book deal. (To read a copy of my acceptance speech, click here.)

But that’s not why I’m lucky. You see, I wasn’t the only one with a manuscript in this race. Fifty other authors from around the country (world, actually) were experiencing the exact same giddiness, disbelief, and joy.  So it only seemed natural that we became fast friends. Now, through email and the oh-so-long-between visits at RWA conferences, we share our lives. Because in the midst of the joy, the outside world hadn’t stopped spinning. We had life happening: sickness, rejections, career uncertainty. But every time something would come along and smack one of us down, the rest of the group was quick to help a fellow author back on her feet.

What better way to describe this feeling than the idea of a Firebird? So this is what we call ourselves. And what’s the first thing authors tend to do when they get together?

Yep. We write.

If you stop by, you’ll find one of the Firebirds chatting about book-related stuff on our group blog. Book launches, craft discussions, interviews, and free fiction, it’s all there, and across every genre available in the Romance world. Dragons? Check. Regency chicks? Check. Death-defying Archaeologists? Check. Women of Faith? Check. We’ve got a little bit of everything. We’d love it if you stopped by and joined in the fun.